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Mental health of INTPs?

I have been thinking about this quite a bit.
Is there a connection to certain personality types and that person's mental health?

I myself have ADD,Asperger's,Bipolar,Social Anxiety and NLD which is a learning disability of the right side of the brain it affects Motor skills,Math skills,Spatial Skills and Processing and Organization as well as Social Skills

I have heard of link between being an INTP and most of the conditions I have listed.
I have heard a lot about people who are INTP having ADD higher then the general populace and vice versa.

Mood disorders are also possibly linked to INTP people but seem to be more linked to INFP.

Anxiety seems to have a connection as well.

Also many people with Asperger's score as INTPs

Do you have any mental health issues?

Hope this will be interesting.
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