happyhijabi (happyhijabi) wrote in jmbt_intp,

INTJ + INTP = Schizoid???

I have read about a co-relation of INTJ & INTP in regards to Schizoid personality disorder. I wondered what you all thought of this? I personally am an ENTP, but I can be very introverted at times - maybe more avoidant just because I don't want to be around different people (not because of shyness - I just do not want to interact at all at times) I read about schizoid exhibitionism as well, and that could be a person who would show a more extroverted side to their personality. ENTJ & ENTPs?? Maybe all NTs are really schizoid according to how it is defined. Who defined it anyways? Anyways I was curious as to your thoughts on this.
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