/ˈsɛərə/ (crimson_river_) wrote in jmbt_intp,

Turning off your mind?

I just recently started working at a self-serve frozen yogurt cafe to save up a little money before the fall semester starts. I thought it would be easy, and less taxing on my introverted self than, say, becoming a waitress.

I may not have to physically serve the customers, but the constant greeting of the customers, explaining the self-serve process, and answering questions has had an unexpected consequence. Whenever I work a night shift, by the time I get home to go to sleep it's almost impossible to quiet my mind. It's like I've lost the remote control. My mind rewinds and replays the events of my shift, as I scan for mistakes to prevent the next time, but I can't seem to turn it off.

I'm guessing I'll get used to it eventually, but do any of you have similar experiences while working jobs with a lot of social interaction?
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